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Technical Service & Repair Depot



Do you have a medical device that won't power on? Need a software update, repair, calibration, or annual preventative maintenance?

If so, we can help...

LifeMed Safety, Inc. has partnered with RepairMedix Biomedical Services, LLC to provide Emergency Medical Services customers with a high-quality & economical choice for biomedical equipment support services.

With RepairMedix Biomedical Services, you always receive repairs and maintenance on resuscitation equipment from quick, skillful, and qualified technicians. Our technicians handle everything from installation, PM/calibration, and software upgrades to testing, inspection and repair. Depending on your needs, RepairMedix provides a tailored equipment service team and plan to keep your life-saving equipment “rescue ready” and running at peak performance.

Complete Technical Services & Support

  • Preventive maintenance and repair
  • Software updates
  • Electrical safety compliance and performance assurance inspections
  • In-house and On-site/field-dispatched technicians

Experienced, Qualified Technicians

Biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs) from RepairMedix are educated, qualified, and experienced. Every technician has an extensive range of knowledge and understands how biomedical equipment interacts with patients. We understand the challenges of keeping biomedical equipment functioning properly and work directly with private individuals and emergency medical personnel on a professional level.

Equipment We Service

RepairMedix Biomedical Services maintains relationships with many service and parts vendors. These relationships, combined with our dedication to your organization’s success, allow us to resolve resuscitation equipment problems on a large span of makes, models and manufacturers, including:

     * Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

     * Portable suction units

     * Cardiac monitors

     * Infusion pumps

     * Defibrillators

     * Ventilators

     * Pulse-Oximeters (Incl. Rad-57 Pulse Co-Oximeter)

We understand how life-saving equipment interacts with patients to diagnose and treat life threatening medical conditions. We offer a variety of specialty services via our ProTek Service Plans. 

For a Quote, please contact us at (800) 276-0274 or